Town of Fort Erie seeks public input on Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Studies

The Town of Fort Erie is inviting residents to participate in Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Studies for three areas:

  • Concession Road between Garrison Road and Albany Street
  • Farr Avenue between Ridge Road and Gorham Road
  • Washington Road between Dominion Road and Helena Street

These studies aim to create safer streets for all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, by implementing traffic calming measures. These measures can reduce speeds, deter cut-through traffic, and encourage responsible driving habits.

The Town will follow a standardized process outlined in its Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Policy. This involves assessing current traffic patterns, speeds, and safety concerns in each neighbourhood, followed by developing proposed traffic calming plans specific to each location’s needs.

Public input is crucial to this process. Residents are encouraged to share their feedback through an online survey available at until March 9, 2024. This input will be used to refine the proposed plans before they are presented to the Traffic Coordinating Committee and Town Council.

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