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Promoting your business has never been easier or more affordable.

Why advertise on Fort Erie Radio?

  1. Ads start at just $61.
  2. Your ad dollars stay local.
  3. No minimum ad spend and no contracts.
  4. You are supporting Fort Erie’s only dedicated local news site.
  5. We offer the most competitive rates available in radio advertising.
  6. Your ads are only played when a host is on air and listenership is at its highest.
  7. You own the rights to the ad we produce for you2, so you can use it in your other marketing efforts.
  8. You provide the script; we provide the voiceover artist, sound effects, music, and professional production.
  9. Rather than paying to broadcast your message regionally, we put you in front of the town where you actually do business.

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Speak with our ads team about add-ons:

  • Live on location: Have us broadcast live from your event, encouraging listeners to stop by.
  • Sponsored morning news: News at the top of the hour, brought to you by [your business].
  • Sponsored newsletter: Our weekly email newsletter, brought to you by [your business].
  • Display ads: Prominently feature your business on every page of our website.
  • Spotlight: Fort Erie advertisers get a free “spotlight” feature on our website.
  • Sponsored contests: You give us gift cards; we give them away on air.

1$6 for a 15-second ad spot; more for ads of greater duration.
2One-time setup fee of $99 (incl. HST) for new ads; waived with $500 ad spend.