Snakes on a hill: Fort Erie looks for feedback on a proposed park name

The Town of Fort Erie is seeking public feedback on the proposed name ‘Snake Hill Parkette’ for a new park on Lakeshore Road between Albert Street and Adelaide Street.

The park naming process follows the Town’s established park naming policy, which ensures new names are unique, reflect the area’s history or culture, and project a positive image.

Credit: Town of Fort Erie

The Town said Snake Hill’s rich history includes archaeological evidence that suggests Indigenous peoples used the area as early as 1800 BC.

The earliest mention of the name did not appear until 1767 when Captain Jonathan Carver made several statements in his journal noting the large population of snakes in the area.

Residents can access the park renaming application and supporting documents at

The application from the Bertie Historical Society details the reasons behind the proposed name citing the role the region played during the War of 1812.

All feedback regarding the proposed name should be submitted by email to the town staff contacts listed on their website. Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts on the proposed name ‘Snake Hill Parkette’ before the deadline of March 29th.

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