Niagara Health advises planning ahead due to solar eclipse

Niagara Health is urging patients to plan for potential traffic delays if they have appointments on the day of the total solar eclipse.

This is especially true for local residents who may need to travel out of town for medical care on April 8, 2024. Fort Erie is in the direct path of totality and expected to experience the solar eclipse for nearly four minutes, which is likely to attract visitors and cause congestion.

In an update posted last Friday, Niagara Health offered local residents the following tips:

  • Allow extra time for travel to appointments.
  • Fill your gas tank beforehand and avoid major roadways.
  • Pre-arrange taxi or transit services if needed.
  • Inform any drivers of potential delays.

Niagara Health emphasized the dangers of viewing the eclipse without proper eye protection. Dr. Amber Sheikh, Head of Service for Ophthalmology, warned that direct sunlight can cause permanent vision damage. Only ISO-12312-2 certified eclipse glasses from reputable vendors are safe. Regular sunglasses or filters are not sufficient.

Free certified eclipse glasses are available while supplies last at library branches and town hall.

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