Fort Erie opens naming process of new park to the public

The Town of Fort Erie is asking residents to submit comments about the proposed name of the new park located at 1447 Sharon Drive.

Credit: Town of Fort Erie | Facebook

“High Pointe Park” is the name the town has put forward for review, intending to “signify its connection to the Spears High Pointe Neighbourhood.”

Residents have until March 1st to weigh in on the name and propose alternatives. In order for a name to be considered, it must fulfill one of the three following criteria. The name must be based on either:

  • Geography, which includes neighbourhoods, natural scenes, and other recognizable facilities.
  • Historic or cultural significance, which includes local and national heritage events.
  • Prominent individuals or organizations, that have a connection to the area or have made contributions to the community.

While construction of the park was completed earlier last year, the grand opening is not scheduled until this spring after the name has been confirmed. For more information on the park or to give feedback, visit

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