Cogeco outage hits Niagara and Hamilton after car accident

Residents in Niagara Region and Hamilton woke up to internet and television disruptions today, after a widespread Cogeco outage that began early in the morning.

The outage started around 1:31 am and impacted services for Cogeco customers, prompting reports on social media from frustrated users. The disruption also affected other providers who rely on Cogeco infrastructure, such as TekSavvy.

Cogeco confirmed the outage at 6:21 am via social media, attributing it to a fibre cut caused by a Hamilton car accident. Their technicians were immediately dispatched to address the issue, which involved crossing highways and major roadways, leading to an uncertain timeline for service restoration.

Credit: Cogeco | X/Twitter

By 7:07 am, several Facebook users in the Town of Fort Erie reported that their services had been restored. However, Cogeco warned that customers closer to the accident site would likely experience longer outages.

Further updates throughout the day revealed the extent of the damage. The car accident had resulted in the removal of hydro poles, severing Cogeco’s fibre optic cabling. Normally, repairs would require waiting for the hydro company to re-install the poles before permanently fixing the fibre line. However, Cogeco confirmed to Niagara this Week that the hydro company wouldn’t be able to complete the repairs until late evening, prolonging the disruption for some customers.

While the timeline for complete restoration remains uncertain, Cogeco has committed to keeping customers informed and working diligently to fix the issue. Residents still experiencing outages are encouraged to check the Cogeco website or social media channels for the latest updates.

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