Truck driver sentenced for smuggling $2.5 million of drugs across the border

Ajaypal Dhillon, 22, a truck driver from Scarborough, has been sentenced to 30 months in U.S. prison for smuggling merchandise across the border via the Peace Bridge.

Dhillon’s conviction stems from an incident on July 27, 2023, where he claimed to be transporting frozen waffles to a Publix grocery store warehouse in Georgia. However, Publix representatives denied expecting the shipment, and the alleged shipper confirmed its fraudulent nature.

Consequently, Dhillon was subjected to secondary inspection, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discovered more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana and over 50 kilograms of ketamine hidden in boxes within his commercial tractor-trailer.

An investigation revealed that Dhillon had undertaken five previous fraudulent trips across the border.

In four of these trips, he purportedly transported candy, while the fifth attempt involved waffles after his claim of transporting candy was denied by a customs broker.

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