Tour bus ends up in ditch on QEW near Bowen Road, no injuries reported

A tour bus travelling on the QEW went into the ditch on Friday morning. The incident occurred just before the Bowen Road exit.

All 17 passengers on board exited the bus safely and no injuries were sustained. A second bus was dispatched to recover the stranded travellers.

The cause of the accident is suspected to be a mechanical issue, according to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), although unconfirmed eyewitness reports on Facebook suggest that a sheet of plywood that came loose on a vehicle in front of the bus was to blame.

Photos supplied by the OPP seem to support this unconfirmed account, as what appears to be a sheet of plywood can be seen on the road next to the disabled bus.

Credit: OPP Highway Safety Division | X/Twitter

The OPP reported that the left lanes of the QEW would be closed in both directions for approximately 1.5 hours to allow for the removal of the bus by a heavy tow truck.

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