Supper Market celebrates seventh year with expanded offerings and community focus

The Crystal Beach Waterfront Supper Market, held on the shores of Lake Erie, is set to make waves once again this year.

Opening on June 27 in its seventh year, the event draws locals and tourists alike. The market not only offers a delightful culinary experience but also plays a pivotal role in supporting local businesses and charities.

Credit: Crystal Beach Waterfront Supper Market | Facebook

Attendees can look forward to a beautiful setting at the Crystal Beach Waterfront Park, where the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere encourages people to mingle, share experiences, and enjoy the scenic views, said Dan Strugar, treasurer of the Ridgeway-Crystal Beach Kin Club.

Strugar said this year, the market will feature a “charity of the week” program, highlighting and supporting various local groups.

Each week, a different charity will be highlighted, allowing visitors to learn about their missions and contribute to their causes.

“With the addition of the Charity of the Week program, it will also allow people to meet a variety of groups in Fort Erie and learn more about them and what service they bring to the community,” said Strugar.

A significant change this year is the partnership between the Crystal Beach Business Improvement Area (BIA) and the Kin Club.

This collaboration ensures that all profits from bar sales stay within the community, benefiting local charities and groups.

In previous years, the bar service was outsourced to for-profit businesses, but now, with the Kin Club’s involvement, the community reaps all the benefits, noted Strugar.

“Now with the partnership formed between the BIA and the Ridgeway-Crystal Beach Kin Club, a not-for-profit community service club that has existed here for over 77 years, all of the profits will not only remain within the community, but it will go to those charities and groups within our community.”

Through the charity of the week program, part of the proceeds from bar sales will be donated to the featured charity of the week.

Additionally, remaining proceeds will support other local groups chosen by the Kin Club, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

As part of the application process for the charity of the week program, interested groups are asked to contact the Kin Club via email and complete an application.

The deadline for applications is May 31, 2024, and groups are asked to select three potential dates for their participation.

Once selected, these organizations will be featured in promotional materials and are encouraged to bring volunteers and promotional items to the event.

This year, the Crystal Beach BIA has committed to bringing more food trucks to the event, aiming for a lineup of 16-18 trucks. This expansion will provide attendees with a wider variety of culinary options, enhancing the overall experience.

Strugar said the park itself has also seen upgrades, including improved lighting, which will be beneficial as the evenings grow longer later in the season.

Additionally, the event has partnered with Labatt Breweries, offering a wider variety of beverages, including local Niagara wines and craft beers from Brimstone Brewery and Purple Lizard.

Earlier this year, the market’s musical lineup was announced, promising an exciting array of performances throughout the season.

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