Bertie Township Hall will celebrate 150 years this Saturday at Ridgefest

The Fort Erie Historical Museum will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Bertie Township Hall at Ridgefest this Saturday.

Originally built in 1874 and used for council purposes, the hall also was used for community events.

In 1972, the hall, located at 402 Ridge Road North, became the home of the Fort Erie Historical Museum.

Credit: JHinnecke | Trip Advisor

Jane Davies, manager of Fort Erie Museum Services, told Fort Erie Radio that the hall has a “long and storied history” and is one of Fort Erie’s designated heritage buildings.

“It was built 150 years ago for Bertie Township for a town hall and a community centre,” she explained. “It it made of limestone that was quarried at the Windmill Point quarries.”

The hall was built by the same set of local stone masons who built St. Paul’s Anglican Church and Windmill Point Church.

At that time, Bertie Township was what we know today as Greater Fort Erie.

“Everything that’s in Greater Fort Erie was originally Bertie Township,” said Davies.

Despite being incorporated in 1850 as a township, it took 24 years for the hall to be completed, which was also used as a jail, for church services, for storage, and a kitchen. Other uses included concerts, dances, community potlucks, banquets, magic sows, animal shows and more.

As part of the celebrations tomorrow, there will be activities on the front lawn of the museum.

“There will be free family-friendly activities,” she said, adding they will have tents set up to offer shelter from the elements.

She said she hoped people make the walk to the museum from the other Ridgefest events happening further south on Ridge Road. The museum will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday with free admission.

Fort Erie Museum Services also oversees the Battle of Ridgeway Heritage Park, Fort Erie Historical Museum, Fort Erie Railway Museum, and Mewinzha: Archaeology and Indigenous Gallery.

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