Siltech eyes first half of 2025 for Fort Erie facility opening

As they get ready to start putting up the walls around what will become the newest Siltech facility, the company is also beginning to consider when it’ll start hiring its first employees for the Fort Erie location.

Mark Marynowicz, Fort Erie project manager for Siltech, said there’s been some increased interest in the site since they began erecting steel in early March, and more recently as wall panels and roof panels have begun arriving on the Pettit Road property.

Construction at Siltech is ongoing, with the company hoping to open in the first half of 2025. Credit: Luke Edwards | Fort Erie Radio

“We started erecting steel at the beginning of March so we’re getting to the point now where the roof panels, the roof decking, is going on, the wall panels for the exterior have arrived and they’ll be going up soon,” Marynowicz said.

“And then hopefully towards end of summer we’ll have all the concrete floors poured so we can start working on the interior.”

The current timeline would see them finishing construction in March or April next year, and becoming operational at the site sometime in the second quarter of 2025. Initially, when they broke ground last year the company hoped to have it open sometime in 2024, but some minor delays have pushed that back slightly.

However, Marynowicz said the company has begun discussions about hiring its first staff, possibly before the end of this year. He said they’d like to have some chemical operators on board ahead of time, to allow Siltech to get them trained up and ready to go when the new facility is open.

“We want to have them already understanding what the equipment is, how to operate it, so that those first few months instead of learning they’re actually doing,” he said.

To start, Siltech expects around 25-30 employees with growth up to 50 or so in a few years. Marynowicz even suggested it could be higher than that target.

“I have a feeling that we’ll have larger employment than that within the first three years,” he said.

The company has experienced growth over the past several years. Sites in Toronto and Mississauga have both expanded as much as possible, forcing Siltech to find a new location for further expansion. The Pettit Road site offered several benefits, including nearby major roadways, infrastructure and proximity to the U.S. border, Marynowicz said.

Siltech produces silicone chemicals that are used as additives in other formulations. Marynowicz said their product is a key ingredient in spray foam insulation, as it keeps the bubbles from collapsing, which would make the insulation less effective.

The Fort Erie site will be geared towards mass production, complementing the research and development work that goes on in Toronto, and the scaled up production in Mississauga.

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