Salvation Army planting roots in community garden

Claire Massolin, a volunteer with the Salvation Army, said the community gardens behind its 255 Gilmore Road location have fallen into disrepair. But with a bit of help from volunteers, there will be 12 to 14 raised beds used to grow produce this year.

Most of the beds will be used by Links for Greener Learning, a group based in St. Catharines that grows produce to donate to food banks so that children have access to vegetables.

But Massolin said she intends to use two raised beds herself to grow produce for the Salvation Army. She plans to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

Credit: Claire Massolin | Facebook

The Salvation Army runs a food bank every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and receives “limited donated produce” from Sobeys, according to Massolin.

“The idea is to add fresh produce in the summer,” she said. “We wanted to add fresh produce to what we are already giving out.”

Massolin is aiming to have her garden beds planted this Victoria Day long weekend.

She said one donor dropped off celery and two others offered tomatoes. The Mill Greenhouses, located at 2594 Dominion Road, is donating the rest of the vegetable plants.

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