Ridge Cinema Lounge embraces community focus with fundraising opportunities

Ridge Cinema Lounge has recently changed hands, and new partner and owner Chris Shickluna has a vision to transform the venue into a vibrant community hub.

Shickluna, transitioning the venue from a corporate background, is excited to create a more entrepreneurial and community-based business.

The most immediate change moviegoers will notice is the recent upgrades.

“We just installed new equipment,” said Shickluna. “It gives us more capability for gaming, for parties, for corporate events, as well as the regular movie schedule.”

Shickluna isn’t stopping there.

Recognizing the desire for unique event spaces, the Ridge Cinema Lounge is offering a fundraising program which caters to charities and organizations by providing a complete movie night package, including the movie screening itself, rental of the theatre space, popcorn, soft drinks, and candy.

Organizations have the flexibility to choose the movie, allowing them to create a themed event to further engage their supporters.

Ridge Cinema Lounge aspires to be much more than just a movie theatre.

The venue boasts two boutique-style theatres, each with 40 comfortable seats and 120-inch screens. Each theatre also features a stage area, perfect for hosting live events like parties, singing performances, or even a touch of dancing.

The transformation extends beyond the theatres.

The lobby lounge is a treasure trove for music lovers, housing a collection of over 2,500 vinyl records. The lobby is equipped with televisions, creating a space to catch the latest game. And soon, the lounge will also be able to serve alcohol.

Ridge Cinema Lounge welcomes new ideas for entertainment, including live music performances by singer-songwriters and comedians. They are even open to hosting workshops on unique skills like juggling, clowning, and circus activities.

For more information, please visit cinemalounge.ca.

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