‘Report it as soon as possible’: Traffic camera scam makes its way to Fort Erie

Fort Erie residents are urged to be cautious of a scam circulating via text messages and emails across Niagara. These messages claim to be fines for traffic violations captured by new speed and red light cameras.

Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) says real fines will not be sent electronically. Niagara Region operates the cameras and notices are sent by traditional mail to physical addresses.

Scams like these should be reported to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), says the NRPS. Those who have been victimized and have suffered financial loss are also encouraged to contact police.

“I have been part of investigations where we have been able to get large sums of money back,” said Constable Philip Gavin. “The best bet is to report it as soon as possible.”

There is never a guarantee of recovering losses which is why police are focused on prevention, including knowing what scammers are capable of. Some tech-savvy criminals are able to change what phone number appears on call display when placing outgoing calls.

“At times we have seen them take the number of a police agency and call somebody,” he said. “When the person looks down and sees the caller ID, they see the non-emergency number for the police.”

When receiving a suspicious telephone request from someone claiming to be police, residents are encouraged to call the officer back using the official police phone number, which is (905) 688-4111.

While scams like this are not uncommon, police are still warning that so-called “grandparent scams” are the most prominent type of scam in the Region, in which fraudsters impersonate a grandchild asking for immediate financial assistance.

Niagara Regional Police have scam prevention information on their website and encourage all Fort Erie residents to have conversations with elderly relatives about identifying and preventing fraud.

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