Paver Project 2024 to beautify the entrance to Bay Beach

The Crystal Beach Business Improvement Area (BIA) and Ridgeway-Crystal Beach Kin Club have a project in the works to better the community.

The two groups are coming together for Paver Project 2024, a historical beautification project at the entrance to Bay Beach.

According to a video posted to the Kin Club Facebook page, the iconic Crystal Beach sign that was installed last year at the entrance to Bay Beach fast became one of the most photographed landmarks in the region.

However, the BIA and Kin Club don’t like how the sign is surrounded by dirt and mulch. Instead, they plan to provide the finishing touches and hardscape the area.

Credit: Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc.

“It was their intent from the initial concept of having the sign installed to eventually hardscape the area in front of the sign with 12 by 12 inch ‘pavers’ as they are called, which in essence is a decorative stone,” said longtime Kin Club member Dan Strugar.

“We know there are an infinite number of people and businesses who have been part of Bay Beach history. What better way to have those lovers of Bay Beach, past loved ones, families, supporters of Bay Beach, businesses…(than) to have their names and logos embedded into a stone to be forever part of Bay Beach?”

There will be a launch party today, May 17, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Crystal Ball Beach Cafe with hors d’oeuvres and live entertainment, and each week the project will be featured at a different local business.

200 pavers will be available for purchase starting May 18 for $299 each, with the option to add a logo for $65. Each paver will have 23 spaces for characters per line with a six line maximum. All engraving will be done in uppercase and centered on the stone. Punctuation marks and spaces are included in the character count.

If multiple stones are purchased, the engraving will be centered across the stones accordingly.

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