Niagara Region unveils updated waste disposal fees effective February 12th

Niagara residents will see another adjustment to disposal fees starting next month, as Niagara Regional Council approved a revised residential and commercial fee structure on December 14th, 2023. This marks the second increase in less than 12 months, following fee hikes implemented in April of last year.

According to the Region, the new structure aims to reflect the actual cost of managing different material types at its disposal sites, including the Bridge Street Waste and Recycling Drop-Off Depot in Fort Erie. The changes will take effect on February 12th, 2024.

Here’s a look at a few key changes:

  • Minimum disposal fee: Increased by 14 per cent, from $7 to $8 for loads under 50 kg.
  • Construction and demolition material: Increased by 2 per cent, from $122.50 to $125 per tonne.
  • Leaf and yard waste: Increased by 7 per cent, from $70 to $75 per tonne.
  • Clean soil: No longer charged per load, now billed at $10 per tonne.

Fort Erie residents are reminded that the Bridge Street disposal site does not accept clean or contaminated soil. The Region also encourages residents to diligently separate recyclables from waste material to minimize landfill usage.

For detailed information on the updated fee structure, please visit

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