New rules for Fort Erie residents crossing the Peace Bridge with their dogs

Fort Erie residents crossing the Peace Bridge with their dogs should be aware of new regulations coming into effect on August 1, 2024. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is updating its dog importation rules to ensure all dogs entering the U.S. are healthy and pose no risk to public health.

Key changes for Fort Erie dog owners:

  • All dogs entering the U.S. need to be at least six months old, microchipped, and accompanied by a CDC Dog Import Form submission receipt.
  • Additional requirements depend on the dog’s travel history in the past six months and rabies vaccination status.
  • Dogs from countries with a high risk of dog rabies require rabies vaccination proof.

The update aims to prevent the reintroduction of dog rabies into the U.S., which was eliminated in 2007. The CDC cites challenges like fraudulent documentation and unsafe conditions for dogs not meeting entry requirements as reasons for the stricter regulations.

Fort Erie residents can use the CDC’s online tool “DogBot” to determine specific requirements for their dog based on travel dates, origin country, and rabies vaccination location (if applicable). It’s recommended to plan ahead to ensure all requirements are met before crossing the border.

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