FEIA Falcons’ playoff dreams dashed in nail-biting defeat

On March 15, 2024, the Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA) Falcons women’s team had their first Grind Session playoff game in Chicago, Illinois. The Grind Session is an international prep circuit where both talented women’s and men’s basketball teams compete to ultimately win a championship.

The Falcons fell short of winning a championship last year, losing to Bella Vista Prep in overtime last year. The squad was devastated by this loss, considering they had a 17 point lead at halftime.

Credit: FEIA Women’s Basketball | Instagram

The Falcons first tipped off against Academy of Central Florida (ACF). These two teams met earlier this year and the Falcons delivered another dominating performance on Friday night, defeating ACF 74-38.

Credit: FEIA Women’s Basketball | Instagram

Brooke Hussey had an outstanding performance and hit seven three-pointers, shooting an efficient 7-13.

After this win, the Falcons advanced to the semifinals on Saturday.

Credit: FEIA Women’s Basketball | Instagram

For this match, they were up against Example Academy Eagles, a team that twice defeated the Falcons this season. This time, however, star player Cearah Parchment was present, having previously been unavailable due to injury.

Parchment hoped to lead her team to victory and she helped the Falcons get off to a great start. They were aggressive when attacking the rim and obtained countless scoring opportunities.

The Fort Erie squad was up by 12 before Example’s guard, Shania James, hit a half-court buzzer beater to cut the lead down to nine.

Heading into halftime, the score was 39-30 in favour of the Falcons.

Into the second half, the Falcons did not maintain the same momentum. Although the Falcons were up by as much as 15 in the third quarter, Example Academy went on an 11-0 run late in the game. Both teams traded buckets back and forth which brought the game down to the wire.

The Falcons ultimately fell short to Example Academy for the third time, losing the match 75-73, and brought the season to an end for the FEIA Falcons.

Tonight, however, four Falcons women were selected to participate in the Grind Session All-Star Game: Anastasija Veljovic, Cearah Parchment, Kamora Morgan, and Nyadieng Yiech.

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