Determined surfers hit Lake Erie despite frigid temperatures

As spring approaches, Crystal Beach can expect to see the return of geese, allergies, and…surfers?

Three surfers were filmed on February 28 trying to catch some waves during a cold snap in the frigid waters of Lake Erie.

Credit: Denis Kreze | Twitter

The video was captured by local fishing trip guide Denis Kreze and shows the three men trying to make the most of a freezing and gloomy day.

While the three were geared up and covered head to toe, they appeared to have no luck getting to surf in the video, with only tiny waves that never got them out of the ice bath and onto the board.

Environment and Climate Change (ECCC) Weather Ontario tweeted a warning of flash freezing and strong gusts of wind up to 80 kph.

The warning was directed at pedestrians and motorists but peculiarly made no mention of surfers.

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