Automated speed enforcement program coming to Garrison Road

Niagara Region is doubling down on automatic speed enforcement over the next two years.

Fort Erie’s newest speed camera will be located on Garrison Road between Rose Hill Road and Spears Road beginning in 2025.

Previously, Fort Erie had a speed camera on Central Avenue between Gilmore Road and Bertie Street. According to the Region’s website, a camera will return to this location in July.

“We are encouraged to see that results of the automated speed enforcement program are showing positive trends in terms of reducing speeds and the number of drivers speeding,” said Frank Tassone, director of transportation services for Niagara Region.

“Even moderate changes in speed can make a huge difference in safety when it comes to vulnerable road users,” he said. “Lowering driver speed is a key factor in achieving the goals of our Vision Zero initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate serious injuries and fatalities on the regional road network.”

According to data from the Region, this initiative resulted in speeds dropping an average of 13 per cent and the number of speeding violations per hour falling by 67 per cent.

“Regional council is committed to the Vision Zero program and supporting programs that help achieve its objective of safer roads in Niagara,” said Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley.

“As councillors, far too often we hear concerns from constituents about drivers speeding through communities across the region. The promising early results of Niagara’s automated speed enforcement program gives us confidence to move forward with expansion of this initiative giving us one more tool in the tool box toward safer roads.”

Speed cameras are set up on a rotational basis across 25 regional community safety zones. Each camera remains in place for 90 days before it is moved to its next location.

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