Art Battle Fort Erie: A night of creativity and competition

In a town with a rich history of local battles, Ridgeway is set to host a new kind of showdown.

The Fort Erie Arts Council will be hosting Art Battle Fort Erie: Showdown at the Sanctuary on June 28, 2024, starting at 6:30 p.m. The ‘Sanctuary’ is in reference to the Sanctuary Centre for the Arts, located at 209 Ridge Road North.

Credit: Art Battle International | Eventbrite

Art Battle is a live competitive painting event suitable for all ages. Artists will have 20 minutes to create their best work. As they paint, spectators circulate around the easels, observing the artistic process up close.

The battle will see six artists competing against each other in the first round. The third and final round will feature the audience’s two favourite artists facing off against each other.

Local artists can apply and a wildcard artist will be selected from the audience.

All of the artworks produced during the competition will be available for silent auction, including the winning painting at the end of the night.

Tickets for this showdown can be purchased on Eventbrite, with prices beginning at $17.81.

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