WKBW-TV investigates disparity in diaper prices between New York and Ontario

Buffalo-based television station WKBW-TV recently explored the notable price difference of diapers between New York State and Ontario.

According to their investigation, diapers cost roughly half the price on the Fort Erie side of the Peace Bridge.

Online statements from mothers in the Buffalo area indicate that some are choosing to drive to Fort Erie to take advantage of the lower diaper prices. One mother shared that, factoring in tolls and taxes from crossing the border, she paid approximately $92.92 for three boxes of 136-count diapers. In the U.S., she claims the same quantity would have cost her $150.69.

WKBW’s Lia Lando visited Walmart stores in Cheektowaga and Fort Erie to compare prices. She specifically examined Huggies Little Snugglers in Fort Erie and Cheektowaga, finding that diapers cost about 15 cents each in Canada compared to 27 cents per diaper across the border.

Raziya Hill, the founder of Every Bottom Covered, an organization dedicated to providing diapers to families facing financial challenges, told Lando that families typically spend up to $100 (USD) per child each month on diapers. Hill expressed the desire to understand the reasons behind the significant price variation between New York and Canada, emphasizing that parents should not have to cross the border to save money on diapers.

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