Unlock creativity and well-being with Ridgeway journaling workshop

Local writers are invited to attend a special event to improve creative writing and more.

Counsellor and freelance writer Christine Whelan is hosting an “Introduction to Journaling” workshop at Lakeside Books & Art on Friday, April 18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in downtown Ridgeway.

The workshop costs $40 and is designed to help participants unlock the power of journaling for self-discovery and well-being.

Whelan, who has been leading journaling workshops since 1991, sees journaling as a way to bridge her two passions.

“I’ve been writing all my life and this is where my two halves meet,” she said. She has witnessed the positive impact of journaling on a variety of individuals, including survivors of trauma, cancer patients, and children.

“My definition for journaling is expressing and releasing thoughts and emotions, and organizing and clarifying thoughts and emotions,” Whelan explained.

The workshop will guide participants through various techniques, including free association, to unlock the therapeutic and creative benefits of journaling.

According to Whelan, journaling goes beyond traditional writing. “Journaling is nothing like writing,” she said. “You have to forget about your grammar, you have to forget about all the left-brain things. You have to forget about the organization and the rules.”

The focus of the workshop will be on raw expression and self-exploration, making it a valuable tool for stress management, mindfulness, and overcoming writer’s block.

Space in the workshop is limited to ensure personalized guidance for each participant. Those interested are encouraged to register as soon as possible by calling 289-876-9618 or emailing lakesidebooks@outlook.com.

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