Town cracking down on illegally posted signs

The Town of Fort Erie is cracking down on illegally posted signs and removing them at the owner’s expense.

Credit: Town of Fort Erie | Facebook

Jim McCaffery, supervisor of municipal law enforcement, said it is necessary to regulate third party signs to promote community aesthetics and public safety standards.

He said when notified about an authorized sign, a bylaw officer will attend the area and determine if any bylaws have been violated.

If so, McCaffery said “bylaw will remove the signs and if possible attempt to locate the sign owner, taking into consideration all applicable factors including the number of signs present.”

McCaffery added that people who want to erect a sign should first review bylaw number 119-2017.

“In addition, section 3.5 of the sign bylaw outlines the permit application process that is required to get a sign approved,” he said. “Further, members of the bylaw team are available should you have additional questions or require clarification.”

More information can be found about the sign bylaw at

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