Three Fort Erie properties set to receive heritage designation

Heritage protection appears likely for three more Fort Erie properties, but the process for a fourth is being put on hold.

At the April 22 council meeting, councillors approved recommendation reports calling for heritage designation of 304 Ridge Road North, 164 Point Abino Road South, and 3555 Yacht Harbour Road. Staff presented four reports on potential designation, however the last, 5187 Sherkston Road, was paused.

“This way we’ll have an opportunity to have some further discussion with the property owner,” said Mayor Wayne Redekop.

Staff said the owners of that property have expressed some reservations about having their property designated, which puts restrictions on alterations that can be made for the historically significant pieces of the property.

The approvals are a major step forward, though designation may still not happen. Homeowners have 30 days to file an appeal, which would bring the decision back to council. And then after the bylaws are approved, there’s another 30-day appeal time frame, with an appeal at that stage going to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Junior community planner Kimberlyn Smith said heritage designations are an important community tool. “It creates a sense of place and community identity by providing a link to the past,” she said.

Additionally, the Town maintains two programs to help owners of designated properties. The first is a tax rebate program for up to 40 per cent of assessed taxes on an assessment up to $500,000. The second is a cost-sharing program of up to $10,000 for work done on heritage properties.

Here’s a rundown of the properties:


With a two-and-a-half-storey home described as being in the Tudor Revival architectural style, the property “played an important role in the development of the late 19th and early 20th century commercial core of Ridgeway and continues to support the character of this historic area,” a staff report reads.

Jacob A. Beeshy and Zachariah Teal established a corner store on the property in 1874. It would later become internationally recognized as Beeshy’s China Shop and was in the Beeshy family for 99 years.


Built in 1893, a staff report says the Queen Anne farmhouse’s “highly decorative and ornate aesthetic is expressed on all elevations.”

John McLeod, a prominent member of the community and hotel owner built the farmhouse.


One of Fort Erie’s oldest surviving homes, the Georgian style building was finished in 1812. The Haun family, who were United Empire Loyalists and moved to Bertie Township in 1787, had a strong connection to the property.

British soldiers also took control of the home for three years during the War of 1812 to use as a barracks.

While all the homes are significant, Councillor Nick Dubanow called the property at 3555 Yacht Harbour Road “something else.”

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