Students and staff stand united for Pink Shirt Day

The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is gearing up for Pink Shirt Day on February 28, 2024. Students and staff will don their finest pink attire in a stand against bullying and celebration of diversity, inclusion, and overall kindness.

Credit: John Brant School | Instagram

“Bullying is not okay,” writes John Brant Public School on Instagram. “Our board believes in cultivating a positive school culture where students feel valued, and feel empowered to be their truest selves every single day.”

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 in a small Nova Scotia town, inspired by a powerful act of compassion. When a Grade 9 student faced bullying for wearing a pink shirt, his older peers David Shepherd and Travis Price took decisive action.

They rallied their classmates to wear pink in solidarity, sending a clear message that bullying would not be tolerated. Inspired by the kindness of these two students, others followed suit, transforming a local incident into a global movement.

Today, countries worldwide organize anti-bullying fundraisers and participate in Pink Shirt Day, including Japan, New Zealand, China, and Panama. In fact, nearly 180 countries took part in Pink Shirt Day last year.

Join the DSBN and others across the globe on February 28, 2024, in the continued fight against bullying.

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