Strength in aging: Embracing weight training for a healthier senior lifestyle

For many people, weightlifting conjures thoughts of bulging muscles, extreme discipline, and restricted eating habits, but the benefits of resistance training are not limited to dedicated gym-goers.

In fact, this type of exercise is extra beneficial for everyone, especially seniors.

As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and bone density, which can lead to fractures and other complications. It isn’t uncommon to hear of seniors being a fall-risk or struggling with mobility, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

When adopting an exercise regime that includes weight-bearing activities, it can improve a person’s balance and stability which can be beneficial for prolonged independence and overall well-being.

Regular exercise sessions also have positive effects on weight management, increased muscle strength and bone density, boosted cardiovascular health, increased energy, and improved sleep quality.

If the thought of heading to a weight room seems daunting, Advancing Crystal Beach (ACB) has a solution.

Starting this month, ACB is hosting a four-part workshop series instructed by Mikey Maljkovic from KinFit Studio (4016 Erie Rd.) in Crystal Beach.

The ‘Forever Fit’ full body weight training workshop will run Tuesday mornings for the month of June, and each week will target a different body part. The sessions will include a brief educational component with an exercise class to follow.

This workshop proved so popular that it was wait-listed shortly after being announced.

But Maljkovic, a registered kinesiologist, welcomes anyone interested in learning safe ways to incorporate weight training into their routine, those who may be concerned about injuries, or those simply intimidated at the thought of trying something new, to reach out to him at KinFit Studio for one-on-one instruction in a safe and judgement-free environment.

Jacqui Budd, ACB program coordinator, said ACB offers many other activities which “aim to support social participation and inclusion and empower seniors in the community and contribute to their health and well-being.”

Some examples self-defence, ballet barre, qigong, line dancing, Zumba, and yoga.

Most classes are offered for a small contribution of $5 or by donation to assist those in lower income brackets.

Budd also said that ACB is “continually seeking new opportunities for classes, workshops, and social activities, and are looking for any instructors who may want to join their community and teach their skillset for a small remuneration.”

ACB can be contacted at ‭(905) 749-3753‬.

The importance of weight-bearing activities should not be understated, and although starting early is best, it is never too late.

There is a welcoming and supportive community of health professionals in our town who would be more than happy to guide seniors who may be hesitant to take the first step towards better health.

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