SPOTLIGHT | Planks Canada established ‘out of a need to do retail, better’

Business: Planks Canada
Established: 2016
Address: 424 Derby Road, Crystal Beach, ON L0S 1B0
Social: Facebook | Instagram | Website

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What do you do?
Planks Canada was created out of a need to support the ethical, sustainable, and fashionable lifestyle you want now, while simultaneously supporting the future you’ll need later. We offer ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly clothing, home décor, and self-care products and accessories.

What makes your business special?
Planks Canada was established in 2016 out of a need to do retail, better.

I was tired of not knowing what I was actually purchasing and supporting with my own money, and when I asked questions to retailers and small businesses about where or how their products were made or if they were made ethically, I was honestly disturbed with how little anyone knew.

More often than not, when I asked, no one had any idea of what they were selling, where it was made, who was making it, and what it was even made from. I quickly realized that this was the norm and thought to myself, with all the knowledge available these days, this can’t be the only way to shop, could it? Couldn’t this be done better, more mindfully, more purposefully?

I decided to try and do retail, better, for our health, our environment, and for our future.

How’d you get started?
Being a Canadian-certified fashion designer, I knew in my heart we could do retail better. From there, my dream to create a sustainable, ethical, and purposeful shopping experience began. I decided if it wasn’t available, I would create it and that’s exactly what I did.

We started with an extremely small space in 2016 in Crystal Beach, with almost everything manufactured by us from conception to completion. We quickly realized that we would not be able to sustain this model alone and began looking for other brands that shared our values.

Flash forward a couple of years and Planks Canada quickly became a local community space for people who were wanting to know more about what they were purchasing and supporting. People started walking into the shop saying exactly the things that led me to Planks Canada’s creation. I knew that we were on the right path.

Heading into 2023, we expanded once more, and it’s become extremely clear to us that there is a need for what we’re doing. Since we began, people have become more aware of what’s actually going on in the retail world from fast fashion to sweatshops and so much in between. We can see the change happening, we can see people caring. Our overall health, wellness, and our planet depend on us.

I truly believe that most of us wouldn’t choose to support child labour or wearing clothing with toxic lead levels if we knew that’s exactly where our hard-earned money was going. My hope is to create a retail space that you can trust. A space for shopping with purpose, where you can shop with a little more ease knowing your purchase is going to support positive initiatives, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability.

When you choose to shop with us, not only are you supporting a small Canadian family business, but families, communities, and a positive impact on our future.

What’s your greatest achievement?
One of our biggest achievements in our journey has been creating awareness about the everyday products we use and wear. We believe customers want more from their everyday purchases and we believe we can do retail, better.

Since opening, we have won multiple awards including entrepreneur of the year, Reader’s Choice Awards, and a Canadian Choice Award, but the best representation of our business is our customers and their testimonials. Said one, “I love that I can just come here to shop and know that I’m supporting something positive.”

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