Severe weather leaves many without power for hours

Hundreds in the Town of Fort Erie were left without power after a storm knocked a tree down onto a powerline last night.

Shortly after 7 p.m., Canadian Niagara Power (CNP) announced that 120 customers were experiencing an outage caused by the fallen tree.

Crews were dispatched immediately, followed by several warnings on social media advising residents to stay back from fallen power lines.

CNP, which supplies power to nearly 27,000 customers in Fort Erie and Port Colborne, tweeted three hours later that all power had been restored.

Credit: Canadian Niagara Power Inc. | Facebook

This outage came just one day after CNP advised the public on Facebook on “how the process works” of restoring service following a widespread outage.

Residents are advised to report power-related emergencies to 1-844-501-9473.

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