Savoury and sweet delights await as Wing HQ and Loukoumades Puffs set to open

Excitement is building in town as the grand opening celebration of two distinct culinary ventures, Wing HQ and Loukoumades Puffs, is scheduled for this Thursday, February 15. Located at 1267 Garrison Road, Unit 9 (the former location of Lee’s Xpress), the two restaurant brands are set to introduce a combination of savoury and sweet flavours to the local dining scene.

Wing HQ, as the name suggests, is primed to be a haven for chicken wing enthusiasts. Offering more than 100 flavours to choose from, patrons can also explore options beyond wings, including burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, fries, and quesadillas.

Meanwhile, Loukoumades Puffs brings a taste of the Mediterranean to town with its specialty: loukoumades. Pronounced loo-koo-maa-dayz, these fried Greek honey puffs are renowned for their unique and delightful flavour. Beyond the traditional puffs, Loukoumades Puffs offers an array of sweet treats, such as hot drinks, milkshakes, and ice cream.

For those keen to peruse the diverse menus offered by both establishments, detailed information is available at Alternatively, individuals seeking more information can contact (905) 994-8888.

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