Need for before and after school care to be assessed in Stevensville

Parents of students attending St. Joseph’s Catholic Elementary School and Stevensville Public School are being urged to register on the One Human Service Network (OneHSN) website, otherwise known as the Niagara Region Child Care Registry, to indicate demand for before and after school care programs.

Credit: Andy Harris | Google

Registration opens on February 26th and closes on March 29th. The number of applications received will be a crucial factor in determining whether such programs will be established for the 2024 school year.

Parents are reminded that interest expressed on the registry is not a guarantee of a child care space.

Stevensville parents were quick to express concern on Facebook that new programs closer to home could mean the end of bussing their children to John Brant Public School in Ridgeway for before and after school care.

One parent responded, “No, they aren’t closing John Brant to Stevensville kids. They will still bus them.” Fort Erie Radio is unable to confirm the accuracy of this statement.

To register, parents can visit and update their preferred start date to September 3, 2024.

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