Jazzy Scoops opening tomorrow for their 17th season

If you want to try every flavour available, you’ll need to start early.

That’s because Jazzy Scoops, in business since 2008, will have more than 60 flavours available to try this summer.

Located on West Main Street in Stevensville, Jazzy Scoops will open for the season on Friday, May 10, and will be open every day through Labour Day from 1 to 9 p.m.

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Holly Furness, owner, said when they first opened the business 16 years ago, they only had 16 flavours to choose from.

She said the growth in flavours was possible thanks in part to changes made during the pandemic. She and her husband John moved service outside, using the windows to serve the public.

“After the pandemic, and after great feedback from our guests, we have kept our outside window service. With more room inside the shop, this enabled us to purchase even more freezers to have the fun of offering even more flavours, and product for dietary options,” said Furness.

“All our of fantastic staff are anxious to get back to the shop to see our customers again, and to meet new guests and new friends this year.”

It is hard to nail down the most popular ice cream, noted Furness.

“Kids tend to love cotton candy, bubble gum, unicorn toots and plain chocolate. Adults often go for the peanut butter, chocolate brownie, cheesecakes and the nutty flavours,” she said. “On the other hand, chocolate chip cookie dough and salted caramel flavours are extremely popular on hot, humid days.”

Also popular, she said, are the fruit flavours.

“Recently, all of the sherbet flavours, including watermelon sherbet, have hit a new high for popularity. The no sugar added ice creams are delicious and very popular as well.”

In addition to ice cream, Jazzy Scoops has lots of other delicious treats on the menu.

The sundae buffet, for example, is a freshly made waffle bowl with any three ice cream flavours, sauces and toppings, complete with whipped cream, peanuts, and a cherry on top.

The hot brownie is popular, too. It’s a sundae loaded with vanilla or chocolate ice cream, homemade brownies, hot fudge, and topped with whipped cream, peanuts, and a cherry.

Other favourites, noted Furness, include Strawberry Fields, the Salty Dog, and the Elvis.

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