‘He was committed to our community’: Mayor remembers former councillor Don Lubberts

For more than a decade he was a familiar face at town hall, and at the most recent Fort Erie council meeting Don Lubberts was remembered for his dedication to the community.

Lubberts, a three-term councillor who chose not to seek re-election in 2022, died February 13, 2024, at the age of 67. Mayor Wayne Redekop devoted a short part of the February 26 council meeting to honouring the former councillor.

“He was committed to our community and always gave his best for our community,” Redekop said.

Flags at municipal buildings flew at half-mast to honour Lubberts, who was perhaps best known for his opposition to a proposed Bay Beach condo development, which was ultimately denied and a $3-million beach entrance transformation project occurred instead.

Credit: Williams Funeral Services

“He was very effective and he had a mission with respect to the Bay Beach property and he certainly proved to be correct,” Redekop said.

On top of that, Redekop remembered Lubberts as an interesting character, describing the council meetings Lubberts attended as “one of life’s great experiences.”

“When they say one-of-a-kind, they mean someone like Donny Lubberts,” Redekop said, adding, with a smile, that Lubberts was an enjoyable guy to be around as long as you didn’t disagree with him.

Redekop said their thoughts go out to Lubberts’ family and loved ones. A funeral for Lubberts was held on February 20.

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