Fort Erie council expense reports for 2023 published

The municipality reimbursed town councillors between $2,100 and $3,750 each in expenses last year.

In an annual report brought to council, staff outlined the total remuneration and expenses paid out to the mayor, councillors, as well as members of the committee of adjustment, property standards committee, and Niagara Parks Commission.

As far as councillors go, Ann-Marie Noyes led the way with $3,745.15 in expenses.

Counillor Nick Dubanow claimed $3,230.87. 

Councillor Joan Christensen claimed the least in expenses, at $2,103.79.

The remaining councillors–Darren Flagg, George McDermott and Tom Lewis–claimed between $2,503 and $2,702. Councillors also received a travel allowance of $1,097.69 each.

Mayor Wayne Redekop claimed $5,265.43 in expenses, and did not receive any travel allowance dollars. He also claimed no expenses through his position on the Niagara Parks Commission.

All told, the mayor and councillors claimed $22,111.36 in expenses in 2023.

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