Cogeco outage hits Niagara and Hamilton after vandalism

Fort Erie residents and others throughout Niagara and Hamilton experienced significant internet disruptions Saturday due to a widespread Cogeco outage that began early that morning.

Throughout the day, social media was abuzz with people inquiring if others were facing similar issues.

Cogeco addressed the situation on X/Twitter, stating, “We are investigating an incident of vandalism to our fibre optic cables which is affecting our services in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Someone climbed a tree to cut three of our five cables. Due to the impact on 911 services, we recommend keeping a cell phone for emergencies.”

A Cogeco spokesperson informed The Hamilton Spectator that service would be restored throughout the day. The repair process involved splicing approximately 182 optical fibers in the three severed cables, according to Cogeco’s statement on X/Twitter.

The spokesperson expressed gratitude for customers’ patience and understanding throughout the restoration process.

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