Abatement Technologies adds new Fort Erie jobs with launch of ATL Filtration

Abatement Technologies, with its Canadian headquarters located at 1481 Harber Court in Fort Erie, has announced the launch of a new service called ATL Filtration.

Backed by nearly four decades of experience in indoor air quality, ATL aims to provide affordable and comprehensive air filtration solutions for commercial buildings across Canada and the United States.

Their team of certified specialists will work with clients to assess their needs, recommend suitable filters, and ensure proper installation and maintenance.

“Our specialists, who we call ‘Aire Guardians,’ are highly trained in indoor air quality and will take the time to understand each building’s unique requirements,” said Greg Parlee, executive vice president of sales, marketing, and distribution for Abatement Technologies.

“Leveraging Abatement’s expertise in clean air solutions, ATL Filtration is well-positioned to provide a personalized experience for our customers.”

In an email to Fort Erie Radio, Lori Vaughan, marketing manager, said that Abatement Technologies “has already created a few new positions for ATL in our Fort Erie location and we expect to grow the team not just in Fort Erie but in locations across Canada in the future.”

ATL Filtration offers a range of services, including:

  • Building assessments and surveys
  • Next-day filter delivery
  • On-site filter customization
  • Will-call pickup options
  • Lifecycle cost analysis

Abatement Technologies, which specializes in manufacturing air filtration and containment solutions, is currently serving Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and Georgia in the United States, with plans for further expansion in the future.

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