‘A kid from Fort Erie’: Matty Matheson talks path to success with Jimmy Fallon

Fort Erie native Matty Matheson, who owns several restaurants including Rizzo’s House of Parm on Ridgeway Road in Crystal Beach, got real with Jimmy Fallon about his hometown roots Monday on ‘The Tonight Show’.

Matheson, a chef and restauranteur, and now with his own line of sauces, added acting to his resume in a big way with his role on the hit show ‘The Bear’ about a family restaurant in Chicago.

Fallon showed Matheson a photo of the chef back when he first applied to culinary school.

Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | YouTube

“You think this guy would ever go on to star in a TV show and produce his show?” asked Fallon.

“No. No, Jimmy. I didn’t,” replied Matheson. “That guy was just looking for some extra smokes and some beers, I think.”

When asked how he achieved success, Matheson said, “I’m just like a kid from Fort Erie, went to culinary school, and everything I have in my life has come through food, through cooking, through showing who you are, through something you do, which I think is a beautiful thing.”

Matheson plays Neil Fak on ‘The Bear’, a handyman who is definitely not a cook but is based on a real person.

When asked about similarities Matheson may share with his character, he said he doesn’t do a lot of handywork and joked that his wife takes care of those things.

Matheson later shared a snack with Fallon and discussed season three of ‘The Bear’, which premieres June 27 on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney+ in Canada.

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