97-unit Pettit Road development gets revised green light

Councillors have approved a multi-style housing development on Pettit Road.

A staff report recommending approval of the 97-unit development passed with little conversation at the February 26th Fort Erie council meeting. Councillors approved the draft plan of subdivision, which calls for the creation of five single-detached dwellings, 18 semi-detached dwellings, and 74 townhouse units on lands described as 1211, 1225, and 1237 Pettit Road.

Credit: Luke Edwards | Fort Erie Radio

The development had already received council’s blessing at a January 15th meeting. At that meeting, councillors included an amendment that slightly changed the makeup of the development.

“The Draft Plan of Subdivision be amended to change Block 25 from six (6) townhouse dwellings to two (2) semi-detached dwellings or four (4) semi-detached dwellings,” the amendment said.

However, following the meeting, staff realized the amendment would go against minimum lot area requirements. Staff met with Marina Developments Inc., the owners of the properties, and developed a revised plan.

The revised plan sees an increase of six semi-detached dwellings and a reduction of townhouse units from 81 to 74. All told, there will be one fewer unit in the development.

“Planning staff support the revised Draft Plan as it will form an improved balance of low density and medium density built form in the subdivision, continue to provide housing mix and diversity, and will break up the continuous row of townhouses along Marina Drive,” the report said.

Councillor Ann-Marie Noyes did bring up one issue with the design of the sidewalk, recalling councillors had earlier requested some kind of concrete pad where the sidewalk would end at Pettit Road to give students a place to wait for the bus. Staff told council it would be addressed as they get into the more detailed design phases.

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